Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TED talks HIV

I promise I'll write this article about American Apparel one day, but I'm still working on my exams and projects for university.  I did, however, stumbled upon some interesting talks on TED (which is, by the way, in the links presented on this blog) this week.  Both are about HIV, interesting and relevant.  They're also not that long (10-20 minutes), so you could watch them while eating to relieve some stress from your final exams (like me).  Oh!  You can also put subtitles on TED videos!  If you're not that good with english or you just like to read while listening, be sure to check that option!  (one of them doesn't have french subtitles though)

Here you go!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm not your counterpoint

Alright, I know I said I'd be writing about American Apparel, but I stumbled across this mashup, and it's just too good not to post here.  The guy behind this, The Reborn Identity, has his own website where he posts remixes, bootlegs and mashups.  He also mixes the videos (like here) sometimes.  The best part is, you can download pretty much everything from his website.  It's definitely worth a look, so here's the link!

The Reborn Identity

The song is a mashup of "I'm not your toy" (by La Roux) and "Counterpoint" (by Delphic).  I love La Roux, it packs a huge punch when you listen to her music on your mp3 player, just strolling around the city.  Delphic is my favorite band since last year.  I love their sound, it's the one album I'm never taking off my mp3 player.  Mashups can be disasters, spoiling any song you like on their own, but here...  Here it's good.  This is a german suplex for your ears, literally. 

It's also pretty nice to compare the lyrics/video of both clips.  Both songs talk about relationships; Delphic has a more melancholic feeling attached to it, while La Roux talks about how she doesn't want to be toyed with.  Relationships can be hard to deal with sometimes...  But one thing's for sure: don't mess around with La Roux.

American Apparel part 1

Hey there!  A lot of you must already know about American Apparel and it's sexy advertising.  I'd like to talk a bit about it later on, but I'll start with some comic videos to break the ice.  I'll write about everything when I feel better...  Caught some nasty cold...  Enjoy the videos for now, and tell me what you think!  And again, thanks to my friends for showing me these in the first place!  Internet is such a big place.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When I masturbate...

Alright, I got lots of work for university and also, well, lots of games to play (yes, I game as a hobby).  So I be posting a lot of news, but I got tons of videos and songs to post for a while, so, well, here's one of them. 

Die Antwoord - Beat Boy

This a song my friend sent me not long ago.  It's pretty much some crazy freaky sex fantasy from start to finish which makes for some pretty interesting lyrics, which are provided on the page.  The beat is really good too, but the main event is the read here.  I wonder what the video would look like... 

I'm not gonna spoil the fun and talk about the lyrics so go ahead and read!

More crazy videos/songs soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just do it!

Here's a song by Sin with Sebastian called Shut up (and sleep with me).  I find it um...  appropriate for this blog!  It's super cheesy, but it's funny and the beat is kind of catchy!  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Right in the face!

This game went online very recently.  It's a questionnaire flash game that was developed by the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU).

The premise is simple: There's a bad guy (Sperminator by name, cute ain't it?) that's infecting people from Sex City because he's not protecting himself.  (seriously, who wants to sleep with this guy...)  That's where our heroes jump in to save the day!  Battling against a dick-armed luchador in the night sky of Sex city! 

Alright...  So the setting is a little lame, but that's not the only thing that's wrong with this game.  First of all, the characters have some...  troubling aspects about them.  WonderVag?  Seriously, who thought of that name?  Just look at her, even Barbie dolls have better clothing criteria.  Next we have Power Pap, the "not caucasian" sexually active girl. Because, you know, white chicks believe in abstinence.  BUT! She's Power Pap! You know, PAP tests don't check for every STIs, guess she still has to be careful, or she might learn another lesson sometime soon.  Condom man...  Actually he's not that bad.  Half man half condom?  Sure, why not.  Finally we have Willy the kid.  His power's the best: ROCK HARD STRENGTH!  Damn Willy, you're the man!  They just had to associate "rock hard" with a black male.  I guess there wasn't enough stereotypes in this game, they had to put more obvious ones.  Another visual aspect that's bugging me is that, well, according to this game, males are evil.  I mean, damn, just look at that spermatozoa!  I didn't know they looked like angry piranhas!  The logical conclusion is pretty much, sperm is evil.  It's not about values or whatever, it's about right or wrong.  Don't mess around with cum, because it will fuck you up! 

There is also one thing that's bugging me in the gameplay.  Whenever you answer incorrectly, you get cummed on.  That's right, get ready for a money shot people!  I sure am happy that's not how they teach me in university.  The quotes you get when you get "attacked" are pretty funny too.  "Right in the face!".  Yup.

But enough bashing.  Stereotypes aside, there are a lot of good things to see here.  The questions asked during the game are actually pretty good.  I read comments of people playing the game (and played it myself) and you do get useful information out of all this.  Also, the starting page has some nice links to other pages of the website containing information, different types of ads and more.  All of it is pretty easy to navigate too, which is a plus. 

So in the end, what do I think about this thing?  Hard to say...  If you recognize that a lot of the visuals are ridiculous, it'll be worth a few laughs and you'll enjoy the questions and the info provided.  But as a tool to promote safe sex, I got a few gripes with the game as a whole.  Some elements are just not appropriate here...  I know the game was made with the help of teenagers for teenagers, but the role of us professionals is to filter those kind of elements.  I'm surprised that this was considered a finished product by the MLHU.  Don't get me wrong though, I love the concept, but it needs a lot of tweaking.

Try it out and tell me what you think!
Adventures in SEX CITY

Friday, March 5, 2010

First music video! Show some love!

Alright!  I tested some features, toyed around with the blog tools.  I'll keep a minimalist approach to make it easy to write and read.

Hope you'll enjoy enjoy reading my news and listening to some of my songs!  I decided to put something by Shing02, a japanese rap artist that does some english tracks.  Since this blog talks about Sex and Music, I thought I'd add something that got a bit of both as a first.  Not all tracks posted here will be linked to love or sexuality though.